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Ejaazi Lattafa Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Long-Lasting Perfume Spray, 100 ml

Ejaazi Lattafa Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Long-Lasting Perfume Spray, 100 ml

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Non-returnable due to hazmat safety reasons.

Ideal for lovers of typical oriental fragrances. LATTAFA brand for everyone. Where French style meets Arabic fragrance... !! The LATTAFA brand is a large home of fragrances based in Sharjah. Ejaazi Eau de Parfum by Lattafa is an aromatic fragrance but with a strong oriental trend. It is the perfume that you fall in love with the first smell. Ejaazi is a demonstration of agility, supervision and class. Performance is moderate and will not disappoint you. Exquisite fragrance and elegant packaging A well-known and popular oriental blend fragrance A beautiful fragrance, also suitable for everyday life and with which the wearer stands out. An Eau de Parfum with a pretty fascinating oriental touches, whose warmth and softness diffuse a pleasant harmony. It is a fragrance that can be worn all year round. A world-renowned exclusive scent, superior quality and more durable. It is a fragrance that dazzles all the senses with its perfect blend of natural ingredients used in the East for millennia. A great fragrance that announces your presence with a dominant scent that prepares your way and distinguishes you wherever you go. It offers perfume lovers a delightfully pleasant divine aroma, while it could also be an ideal gift. Spritz a dose on your neck and you will find yourself in a world of oriental floral scents that evoke a more glamorous world. It is a fragrance that "should" your luxury collection. 100% brand new and original. This fragrance is presented in a beautiful elegant 100ml Eau de Parfum bottle with a spray nozzle. Contains denatured alcohol (Halal) - Made in the United Arab Emirates.

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